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How to be Free of Guilt – £27.00

How to be Free of Guilt is an online course that will show you how to break the cycle and free yourself from the toxic and limiting effects of guilt and its associated feelings of regret, shame and worry.

Guilt is costly to individuals and damaging to relationships. One of the most harmful aspects is that many people spend years unable to make the choices they want and fully enjoy their lives because of inappropriate and unhealthy guilt that they have picked up over time.

If you can answer "I do that" to any of the following, then this course is for you:

  • Put yourself down/refuse to accept compliments?
  • Constantly apologise/mention your 'failings'?
  • Feel responsible for someone else's happiness, or their moods?
  • Feel overly responsible/accept blame when you are not at fault?
  • Get stressed about 'getting it right'/worry what others think?
  • Fear the judgements of others/make excuses for yourself?
  • Ignore your inner wisdom and instincts?
  • Suffer in silence/bite your lip when you have something important to say?
  • Do things you really don’t want to do, for the wrong reasons?
  • Frequently do what others want, suppressing your own wishes and ambitions?

This course will help you to:

  1. Identify how guilt affects you and tell you some things you can do about it.
  2. Understand how to get a handle on those intrusive feelings that seem to have a life of their own
  3. Boost your self-esteem and strengthen your emotional boundaries
  4. Recognise your existing strengths and personal resources
  5. Apply the key steps to  being more confident about your choices and decisions
  6. Make restitution and amends if you really need to, even if there's nobody you can actually apologise TO.

Here are some of the things you can expect from this course.

  • Reclaim your thinking and feel more confident about it
  • Choose when to break out of the guilt-compliance cycle
  • Understand the value of sincere apology and atonement, but only if necessary and justified
  • Foster healthier habits of thinking and feeling
  • Reduce the fear of harsh judgements by others
  • Be more accepting and less critical of yourself
  • Increase your sense of self and boost your confidence
  • Be more tolerant and compassionate towards yourself.

Enjoy the course, lets get started!

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