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Emotionally Competent Parenting

Learn the practical hands on skills of raising resilient kids and fostering family harmony. The course will also tell you the pitfalls to avoid.

Parenting has rightly been called ‘the toughest job’. Parents must grow and develop to keep up, because it’s getting tougher. Social changes, technology, the demands of the workplace… no previous generation of parents has had so much to contend with, and it’s just as bewildering for the kids. They too are learning as they go, to deal with the conflicts and inconsistencies that are part of life. It’s a modern tragedy that they’re having to do it with parents who are frequently less available and more stressed than earlier generations.

15 Surefire Ways to Boost Your Confidence

"I want to feel more confident" is the most commonly asked for aspect of my training workshops and courses. It's often not understood that genuine confidence – linked self-belief and self-esteem – is built on a set of learnable skills. Becoming more confident is more a question of HOW you go about your daily life, than it is about WHAT you are born with.

This course will tell you what those skills are, show you how to develop them, and even suggest some ways you can build on the new success that'll come your way.

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